• Permanent makeup (PMU), traditionally known as micro-pigmentation or permanent cosmetic tattooing, is the implantation of pigment in the second top layer of the skin using specially made fine micro-needles to create beautiful eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip enhancements. The PMU options we offer here at JN PMU are: Microblading, Microblading & Shading Combo, Ombre Powder Shading, Eyeliner Lash Line, Lip Blush, and PMU Angel Removal

Permanent makeup can be a good option for the vision challenged who have difficulty applying their cosmetics and others with dexterity related conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors, and busy people who don’t have time to spend applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day and evening. Interest in this service spans the young to the more mature; those who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance. It is especially valuable to people who can’t wear traditional makeup due to allergies and skin sensitivities; active people who want to look their best for sports activities, and those who don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying makeup.

  • PMU results can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years depending on chosen style/saturation, aftercare, personal lifestyle, and individual skin type. An important tip is to always apply sunscreen to the area once it is completely healed if you are going to be outdoors as exposure to the sun and tanning beds can cause fading and discoloration of pigment. Touch-ups are highly recommended about every 1-2 years to maintain shape and color to keep your PMU looking fresh!

All PMU procedures require a two-step process consisting of an initial session followed by a 6-10 week touch-up session to complete the final look. Our PMU procedure process (2-3 hours) includes a thorough consultation with customized shaping using the golden Phi ratio of balanced proportions to map out each client’s unique facial features. Pre-draw and color selection must be agreed upon before the cosmetic tattoo process begins. Topical numbing is continuously applied throughout the entire process to ensure maximum comfort. Clients will be sent home with a complimentary aftercare kit along with detailed aftercare instructions to follow. Failure to follow these instructions will result in loss of pigment and poor healed results. For pre-care and after-care info, please click here.

  • Most clients report little to no pain as topical numbing is continuously applied throughout the duration of the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Many clients even fall asleep!
  • Do not book an appointment without prior consultation if you have existing work by another artist to avoid any possibility of a deposit forfeit if the artist is not able to work over the existing work. Please send clear photos to jennifernguyenpmu@gmail.com for evaluation BEFORE booking. All new clients must book for initial procedures if the artist approves to work over the existing work. If correction work is necessary, an additional $100 fee will be applied.
  • Touch-ups are for existing clients ONLY. The 1st touch-up session (also known as the follow-up appointment) is to be booked 6-10 weeks after the initial session. To ensure availability, it is recommended to plan and book in advance. For pricing and details on PMU touch-ups, please click here.

The consultation and PMU procedure is usually both done on the same day, UNLESS you have existing PMU work from another artist. In this case, please contact us beforehand for a consultation to discuss your options.

  • We CANNOT perform PMU services on those who are or have any of the following: under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, diabetic, glaucoma, skin diseases such as Shingles, psoriasis or eczema on the area of treatment, viral infections or auto-immune diseases, history of keloid/hypertrophic scarring, HIV/Hepatitis, skin cancer, hemophilia, had botox/fillers within a 3 week period of PMU appointment, had an organ transplant, epilepsy, use of any skin medications such as Accutane in the past 12 months, allergy to epinephrine, dermacaine, benzyl alcohol, lidocaine, or tetracaine, sick with COVID or any cold/flu-like viruses, prone to cold sores (MUST contact your doctor for antiviral medication and take 48 hours before lip blush procedure), currently taking antibiotics (must be off for at least 30 days prior to appointment), undergoing Chemotherapy (ask your doctor – physician’s note required), under any doctor’s care (it is your responsibility to ask your doctor about getting a PMU procedure done along with written approval).

You can resume normal activities keeping in mind aftercare instructions. The procedure area may be sore and slightly red for the next few hours but not necessarily swollen for eyebrow procedures. Eyeliner and lip procedures may show slight to moderate swelling. It is not uncommon for the procedure area to feel tender for the next few days. Your new permanent makeup will appear bolder and more pigmented within the next couple days which is normal and all part of the healing process. Please be sure to read PMU Prep & Care before booking to plan your appointments accordingly.

During the healing process, it is normal to experience some pigment loss which is why a touch-up session is necessary to complete the final look. At the touch-up, we assess the color retention and make adjustments as necessary. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If you do not heal perfectly the first time, do not worry! We can always go bolder and add more density as well as make any minor corrections during the touch-up. In rare cases, a third session may be necessary (charged accordingly) due to individual factors / skin types that affect the attachment of color.

Permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo procedures are considered to be permanent as they will not wash off. However, pigment is implanted more superficially in the skin unlike traditional tattoos which causes them to naturally fade over time and will need to be touched up every 1-2 years in order to maintain the desired result. Factors such as personal lifestyle, skin type, and aftercare may result in more frequent touch ups.